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Pet Medical Cost Share

The pet insurance alternative

Pets Before Profits

Group Funded Protection

Medical Cost Sharing is a community of people who rely on each other to pay their medical bills.

We provide the first Pet Medical Cost Share, where pet parents combine forces to improve their pet’s lives on a long term basis.


You shouldn't have to choose between your budget and your pet's health.

What is a pet membership

Your pet's medical costs are not limited to what happens after you sign up. All our members receive phased in pre-existing condition eligibility. 

Your pet doesn't have a maximum value, and neither should their medical costs. We make reimbursement limits a thing of the past, starting the day you join.

We pay 90% of your pet medical costs after your annual Personal Payment Responsibility is met. You pay for exams. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Wellness care is incuded in Standard Memberships. From hereditary conditions to a simple case of worms, we've got your back.

How It Works

Go to the vet.

Take your pet to any vet, and pay the bill.

Submit the bill.

Submit your paid vet bill to us online.

Get Reimbursed.

We reimburse your pet's medical costs.

Membership Benefits

Members receive these exclusive benefits, and much more:


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