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  • Diagnosis
    Testing required to find out what is wrong with your pet, such as: Blood Tests Tissue Tests Fluid Tests Eye Tests Ear Tests Skin Tests Cultures Fecal Tests Urine Tests X-rays Ultrasounds MRI Scans CAT Scans Pathology Radiologist Other costs to diagnose your pet
  • Treatment
    Treatments needed to heal your pet, such as: Hospitalization Surgery Medications Medical Supplies Cancer/ Oncology Treatments Organ Transplants Transfusions Internal Medicine Treatments Veterinary Anesthesia Specialists Orthopedic Treatments Eye/ Optometry Treatments Skin/ Dermatology Treatments Dental Treatment for Injuries Veterinary Bathing and Grooming Other costs to treat your pet
  • Recovery
    We put your pet on the path to a full recovery with additional support, such as: Physical Therapy Hydrotherapy Medical Equipment Rental Laser Therapy Prosthetic Devices Pet Wheelchair Lift Harnesses Mobility Aids Other costs to rehabilitate your pet
  • Emergency
    Extras for emergencies, such as: Pet Ambulance Transportation  Emergency Hospital and Critical Care Specialists Poison Control Consultation Other emergency costs for your pet
  • Wellness
    Costs for preventative and routine medical care for Standard Memberships, such as: Wellness Exams Vaccines Dental Cleaning Wellness Blood Tests Heartworm Test Lyme Test Titer Test Fecal Test Spay or Neuter Heartworm Preventative Flea and Tick Preventative Dental Care Products Training and Behavioral Therapy Grooming Ear Cleaning Anal Gland Expression Nail Trims Grooming Supplies Microchipping Gastropexy OFA Testing and Certification Health Certificates Prescription Food Nutritional Supplements Vitamins Pill Pockets Over-the-Counter Medicine Over-the-Counter Medical Supplies Pet Activity Monitors Orthopedic Beds Heated or Cooled Beds or Bedding Supplies Acupuncture Bicom Chiropractic Treatments Electroacupuncture Holistic Treatments Homeopathic Treatments Magnet Therapy Massage Therapy Nutritional Counseling Ozone Therapy Physiotherapy Reiki TENS Therapy Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation
  • End of Life
    Cross the rainbow bridge with respect and dignity: In-Home Euthanasia Service Euthanasia Exam Euthanasia Cremation
  • Extras
    Those extra fees add up! That's why we reimburse: Medical Waste Disposal Sales Tax Shipping Costs
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